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For • Researchers • Avid News Readers • Podcast Hosts • Churches, Pastors • Thought Leaders • Expert Coaches • Movement Leaders • State & County Chairmen • State & US Representatives • Executive Teams • Mom and Dad Homeschoolers.

Everything You Need:
(1) Email Newsletters – or Publishing Channels in Private/ Public Groups, (2) See Who’s On Your Lists with TOWNSQUARE CRM, (3) Organize Your Updates & News into Ongoing Stories, (3) Allow People To Follow Your Individual Topics. (4) Organize and Have Debates with Other Schools of Thought. (5) Citizen Vote on Legislation in Committees, (6) Legislatures Build Bills with Citizens. (7) Activists Organize People’s Support on Proposed Bills. (8) Launch Red Alert Text Campaigns to Act on any Emergency. (9) Vote on Candidates, Give Your Endorsements. (10) Track all Your Imprtant Research, Videos, News, or Research with Bookmarks.

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Landing Action Pages

Mass Email, SMS, Push Notifications

VIral Action Groups

Idea Conversion Funnels & Research Libraries

To Convert People to Believe in Your School of Thought & Movement

The Platform that Replaces Old CRMs, Websites, & Changes  Sales Funnels to Idea Conversion Funnels for Cause Driven Campaigns. This is Every Thing Platform for Leaders to Change Belief at Scale • Build Viral Movements • Win Media War – 
The CurrentDebate, LeaderForce, & ViralCommunity Suite.

  • See a Whole New Approach Than Old Style CRMs, Websites, & Social Systems.
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Get a Guided Demo Funnel Customized For You;